For some people, whipping in and out of a regular driveway is no problem at all. For the spatially challenged, it can be a little more difficult.  Adding a circle drive can simplify access to your property while adding beauty to the front of your home. If you are considering remodeling projects, don't forget the driveway.


Adding a circle drive can improve that all-important factor of "curb appeal." While you are living in your current home, you can enjoy the look of the drive, and if you decide to sell, the driveway can be an attractive feature to potential buyers. Since this style is larger and more dramatic, it works best with a larger, more stately home.  A circular drive offers you additional landscaping opportunities. You can easily add flowers, shrubs, and even water features in the center of the circle. As long as the paving materials you choose are complementary to the facade of your home, a new driveway can update the entire look of your house without doing a complete exterior remodel.


Installing a circle drive will require that you have enough space. You will need about 70 feet for the circle. You want to have enough room to drive around the circle and to park cars around the perimeter, especially if you are a multi-car family. When planned correctly, your driveway will be able to easily handle the vehicle overflow from your garage. 


Some drivers are not good at backing out of any space, particularly driveways. In addition to the danger of hitting a car as you try and exit your driveway, you may also hit a pedestrian. Children are particularly vulnerable to driveway accidents. The number of children injured in this type of incident has increased by 57% since 2002, in part because of the increase in SUVs and other larger vehicles. A circular drive not only makes it easier for you to maneuver your vehicle, it will mean that you are far less likely to back over a child. 

If you have the room, a circular drive can be an excellent investment. It has many practical advantages for the drivers in your household. In addition, a circular driveway is visually striking and adds elegance to your home. If you are searching for a home improvement that makes your home more attractive to you and to future buyers, this style of driveway is an excellent choice. For more information, contact a paving contractor near you.