If you have a parking area for your customers, you will want to make sure it is kept in a smooth state so there is a decreased risk of an injury sustained on your property. It is important to take the time to assess your parking area regularly in an attempt to keep on top of deterioration so you can make repairs when necessary. Here are some steps you can use to make simple parking lot repairs on your own.

Check Over The Condition Frequently

Take the time to do a thorough evaluation of the parking area by walking through it periodically. If you notice areas where the asphalt has become crumbled, or if there are cracks present within the lot's composition, it will be time to do a repair job. Draw a quick diagram of your parking lot before you do your walk-through and mark down the areas in need of repair on the picture you had composed. This will help you remember where to return with your supplies to patch the asphalt.

Keep Your Parking Area Clean

If you do not have a maintenance service taking care of your parking area, it will be your job to clean it often. Customers may throw refuse on the ground, leading to the deterioration of asphalt underneath as a result. Any debris on the lot will retain moisture underneath it after inclement weather, altering the composition of asphalt if it is not removed promptly. Make it a habit to sweep the parking lot every few days so branches, grass snippets, or garbage do not become moisture-harboring agents.

Make Repairs To Increase Safety

Purchase a bag of crushed gravel from a landscaping store or local quarry. Sprinkle this over any cracks found inside the parking area. Push the pieces into each crack with a long, hard object like a wood dowel or metal stake. Asphalt sealant can then be applied over the gravel to keep it in place. This material will harden after several hours, leaving the lot with an effective patch in the spot where a crack was previously located. Unfortunately, this method will leave behind a dark line, making the repair work noticeable. After you repair several spots, it will be necessary to call an asphalt paving service to cover these noticeable areas with a thin layer of new asphalt. The parking lot can also be sealed at this time to help protect it from premature damage.

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