Once your asphalt driveway has been paved, an important step to ensuring that it can withstand weather and time is to have it sealed. When you decide to seal your asphalt driveway, you have a number of different sealing options.

Coal Tar Sealant

Coal tar sealant is a popular option to seal asphalt as it is very easy to apply, extremely durable and lasts a long time. Coal tar sealant is made up of a mixture of sand, polymer, clay, coal tar and other things. When you seal your asphalt driveway with coal tar sealant, you make it resistant to UV rays, gasoline leaks, water and oil, all of which can cause your asphalt driveway to become damaged over time. One drawback of coal tar sealant is that the smell is very strong during application and for a short time after application.

Asphalt Emulsion Sealant

Another sealant option for your driveway is asphalt emulsion sealant. Asphalt emulsion sealant is made out of a mixture of asphalt emulsion, clay, water and other things. This type of sealant is more flexible than coal tar sealant and can offer the same protection to your asphalt against water, but offers less protection against gas, oil and UV rays. The fact that asphalt emulsion sealant gives off a minimal smell and dries faster than coal tar sealant makes it an attractive alternative. This type of sealant needs to re-applied more often than coal tar sealant, and has a harder time protecting your asphalt against colder temperatures. After your asphalt emulsion sealer has been applied, you can expect a matte dark black finish to your asphalt.

Acrylic Sealant

Acrylic sealant is the most expensive out of the three sealants, but if performs very well as an asphalt sealant. Acrylic sealant isn't made out of any petroleum products and has an acrylic base. This type of sealant is resistant to UV rays, very durable and easily protects against fluctuating and extreme temperatures. Another benefit of an acrylic sealant is that they come in many different colors, and if you don't want a standard black asphalt driveway you can choose a shade of red, green, or blue instead.

The type of sealant you should choose for your driveway will depend on what type of asphalt you used during the asphalt paving process, what climate you live in, and how you use your driveway and your personal preferences. Talk to an asphalt contractor, like one at Construction Asphalt Paving Services Inc, about getting your driveway sealed, and they can help you decide what sort of sealant would be best for your particular situation.