The harsh cold isn't just taxing on the human body. It can also be taxing on your asphalt. During the winter, your asphalt can withstand significant damage. However, you can minimize the effect of winter if you know what to do.

Perform Repairs Early

If your driveway has cracking, sunken spots or is showing other signs of damage, make sure you are performing repairs early. When it comes to these types of issues, cold weather can only exacerbate them. As a result, a small crack can grow substantially larger over the winter. When you perform your repairs early, you prevent the likelihood of a minor problem turning into something much larger. Avoid further damage by making repairs right away.

Remove Snow with Caution

Removing snow isn't exactly an exciting task, so when people have to shovel, most people do so fast and aggressively. Especially if you are using a shovel with a metal blade, you could be damaging your asphalt in the process. The metal blades slamming into the surface can cause cracking and even chip away at the seal over time. If you must use a metal blade, proceed with caution. The better option is to use a shovel with a plastic blade instead to minimize the risk of damage.

Avoid Ice Salt

When you have ice on your driveway, it would seem that the simple solution would be to sprinkle ice salt on it. The problem is that while these salts do remove the ice, they also cause additional damage to the asphalt. These products have several powerful chemicals inside of them that can damage the asphalt seal. Once the seal is damaged or penetrated, the rest of the seal will wear away more aggressively. Ice salts also increase the likelihood of damage to the underlayers of the pavement.

Check the Direction of Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are pointed in a manner that allows all the run-off to roll directly onto your driveway. As the snow and ice from your roof melts and passes through the gutters, if they are positioned toward your driveway, all this moisture will simply rest on the surface of the asphalt. Pooling water can lead to weak spots and break down the sealant. Ensure your gutters are positioned to keep water away from your home and your driveway.

Your asphalt driveway isn't just a functional space. It is also an investment. Make sure you are working hard to protect your investment and keep your driveway looking great.

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